Monday, March 12, 2012

NISSAN Whistleblower Told the Electric Car was a Pyramid Scam and Bovat Blogged about the Fraud to Protect the Taxpayers. Someone Owes Sharyn an APOLOGY!!!

Even with $4 gas, electric cars face dark days

March 12 USA Today

Over the last four to five years, automakers -- along with the federal government, Michigan, Indiana and other states -- have invested billions into the development of electric vehicles and the infrastructure to support them. But in 2011, electric vehicles, including the extended-range Volt and Leaf, amounted to just one-tenth of 1% of vehicle sales.

The low sales rate will increase at a slow pace over the next few years, according to industry consulting firm LMC Automotive, which predicts sales of electric or plug-in electric vehicles will stay under 1% through 2017

Gannett it's Time to Report the NEWS


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