Monday, April 16, 2012

Bob Dickey and Gracia Martore Maybe Al Gore Invented the Internet and Barack Obama OWNS the Internet. Google is Fixing the Glitch in the Search Engine Results... Seems Too Weird?

Just talked to my hosting company they contacted Google: evidently "something" happened I the system that made the "crawlers" ignore my website. I was told Google is fixing it.

Just talked to technical guy and he said I could ask for an investigation. Wow!!! Another investigation to request.

******Wonder why TODAY Monday April 16th people googling "bob dickey Gannett" could NOT see my website: coincidence? ******+

Mark ask Bob if he needs a blogger? This is ridicules. I'm tired and I want a job and y'all seem to read my stuff at Gannet. It's a win win.

Seriously WHY of ALL days today my web sites do NOT appear in Google

:):). Sharyn

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