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The Tennessean is Good For Picking up Poop

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gannett's Lack of Reporting Costs America Jobs...

“I think most Americans figure if you’re the chairman, CEO and president of a company that you are responsible for what that company does,” President Obama told WJLA-TV Friday.


US Unemployment Rate is at 8.20%, compared to 8.20% last month and 9.10% last year. This is higher than the long term average of 5.79%.

US Unemployment Rate

Data for this Date Range

June 30, 20128.20%
May 31, 20128.20%
April 30, 20128.10%
March 31, 20128.20%
Feb. 29, 20128.30%
Jan. 31, 20128.30%
Dec. 31, 20118.50%
Nov. 30, 20118.70%
Oct. 31, 20118.90%
Sept. 30, 20119.00%
Aug. 31, 20119.10%
July 31, 20119.10%
June 30, 20119.10%
May 31, 20119.00%
April 30, 20119.00%
March 31, 20118.90%
Feb. 28, 20119.00%
Jan. 31, 20119.10%
Dec. 31, 20109.40%
Nov. 30, 20109.80%
Oct. 31, 20109.50%
Sept. 30, 20109.50%
Aug. 31, 20109.60%
July 31, 20109.50%
June 30, 20109.40%

May 31, 20109.60%
April 30, 20109.90%
March 31, 20109.80%
Feb. 28, 20109.80%
Jan. 31, 20109.70%
Dec. 31, 20099.90%
Nov. 30, 20099.90%
Oct. 31, 200910.10%
Sept. 30, 20099.80%
Aug. 31, 20099.70%
July 31, 20099.50%
June 30, 20099.50%
May 31, 20099.40%
April 30, 20098.90%
March 31, 20098.60%
Feb. 28, 20098.20%
Jan. 31, 20097.80%
Dec. 31, 20087.30%
Nov. 30, 20086.90%
Oct. 31, 20086.60%
Sept. 30, 20086.20%
Aug. 31, 20086.10%
July 31, 20085.80%
June 30, 20085.50%
May 31, 20085.40%

Monday, July 9, 2012

"... Nissan has spent more than $1.4 billion (using TAXPAYER $$$) upgrading its Middle Tennessee facilities as it prepares to begin producing the Leaf here. That capital investment will eventually lead to hiring 1,300 additional workers to produce the Leaf and lithium ion battery packs. The Smyrna operation will be able to produce as many as 150,000 Leafs and 200,000 battery packs per year...."
"...That’s not counting an additional 200 jobs that will be created this fall at Smyrna’s adjacent lithium-ion battery plant,..."   Yesterday Tennessean NOW it's only 200 "green" jobs....

Is America Getting the I.4 Billion Dollar Loan Repaid? Please Tell Us HOW?

2012 2011 % chg 2012
Nissan Division Total 81,801 65,659 24.6 523,344 457,705 14.3
Versa 8,746 4,345 101.3 60,919 45,886 32.8
Sentra 9,211 8,077 14.0 55,984 65,130 -14.0
Cube 711 1,313 -45.8 4,085 11,492 -64.5
Altima 21,812 19,534 11.7 157,101 131,842 19.2
Maxima 4,605 4,537 1.5 30,104 26,515 13.5
LEAF 535 1,708 -68.7 3,148 3,875 -18.8

New Bill Krueger Makes it OFFICIAL..... NISSAN Leaf Target is "Fiscal" Year

 A new plant in Smyrna, Tennessee, will be ready to make the cars in December, helping boost supply before the fiscal year ends in March, Nissan’s Bill Krueger

The Leaf is meeting strong resistance in the showroom.

Sales fell to 3,148 units for the first half of 2012, down from 3,875 a year earlier. In June, the decline accelerated, falling 69 percent, to 535.

Spokeswoman Katherine Zachary said Nissan is transitioning its Leaf sales model from a Web-based, build-to-order system "to more of a traditional dealer-based model."  "This transition is still in process in terms of establishing nationwide distribution, as well as more localized marketing efforts," Zachary said in an email.

Former Tennessean editor Mark Silverman was told that NISSAN was a 'house of cards' by one of his reporters and the Gannett owned paper keeps giving front page headlines to a company that's FRAUDING America......

 Katherine Zachary Works in Fantasyland.....  The Taxpayer are Getting Ripped Off!!!!
NISSAN Communications thinks that's the ONLY way they'll sell 20,000 leafs in 2012 and that's making a Year 16 Months....   My opinion is they're protecting President Obama.....
They will announce AFTER the election "due to limited demand we will not be producing the Leaf battery in America.... the car can be made here since it's a KIT that's sourced in Japan.  I've told NISSAN that if I'm wrong with any facts to call me and I've been "ranting for OVER 3 years and still they have NOT made any "clarification".....  Gannett has published so much FICTION it's INSANE..... The Mainstream media won't report on the fraud to protect President Obama.

Gannett and NISSAN are hurting  the Average American Taxpayers...

When NISSAN Says They're Bringing Jobs to America they INCLUDE Mexico in the #'s

Localization saves

The expansion of all of Nissan’s North American facilities — including a new, $2 billion plant to be built in Aguascalientes, Mexico, that will bring 3,000 jobs — is part of the company’s goal to make 85 percent of the vehicles it sells in North America at its plants in North America by 2015. There are two other plants operating in Mexico, as well.

Building the vehicles near where they are sold saves the company money, particularly now that the Japanese yen is very strong against the weak U.S. dollar, Krueger said.
From Prominent Green AutoBlog April 7th

While conductor (and CEO) Carlos Ghosn was undeterred in his bold sales predictions and pointing his baton at a 2012 target of 20,000 units for the Leaf, no less than the director of Nissan Leaf marketing and sales strategy for North America, Brendan Jones, is reported to have said of the ambitious sales goal, "In 2012, I doubt's unlikely." Oops.

The company quickly reacted to the sour note, saying that Jones had misspoken and insisting that the all-electric hatch would indeed hit its numbers. They Jones also massaged the message a bit, saying that, by 2012, they meant fiscal 2012. For Nissan, that calender runs from April 1 to March 31 and so the embarrassing low sales of early 2012 might not
factor into the final count..

UPDATE: Nissan's David Reuter told AutoblogGreen that, "We have not changed our commitment to sell 20,000 LEAF's in calendar year 2012. It was Brendan Jones who said fiscal year but we corrected that point as he misspoke. Domenick says in the post that we've changed the target to fiscal year '12, which we have not. We will sell 20,000 LEAF's in calendar year 2012."

Below is in Bloomberg TODAY

Nissan Sees Leaf Sales Doubling in U.S.

By Crayton Harrison and Jose Enrique Arrioja on June 17, 2012

Nissan Motor Co. (7201), Japan’s second-largest carmaker, will overcome a slowdown in deliveries of its all-electric Leaf vehicle, doubling U.S. sales to 20,000 during its current fiscal year, the vice chairman of its U.S. unit said.

A new plant in Smyrna, Tennessee, will be ready to make the cars in December, helping boost supply before the fiscal year ends in March, Nissan’s Bill Krueger said in an interview yesterday in Los Cabos, Mexico, where he was visiting for the B-20 business summit. The automaker also is expanding sales nationally after beginning in seven states, he said.

FYI the Leaf made in the USA is from a KIT and it looks like Jack Sayed who's "in" with the scheme is helping to funnel the parts to the USA. This is a SCAM... Notice they just "bought" 4 months.... WHy?
Obama is worried about the ELECTION

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bob Dickey and Gracia Martore Maybe Al Gore Invented the Internet and Barack Obama OWNS the Internet. Google is Fixing the Glitch in the Search Engine Results... Seems Too Weird?

Just talked to my hosting company they contacted Google: evidently "something" happened I the system that made the "crawlers" ignore my website. I was told Google is fixing it.

Just talked to technical guy and he said I could ask for an investigation. Wow!!! Another investigation to request.

******Wonder why TODAY Monday April 16th people googling "bob dickey Gannett" could NOT see my website: coincidence? ******+

Mark ask Bob if he needs a blogger? This is ridicules. I'm tired and I want a job and y'all seem to read my stuff at Gannet. It's a win win.

Seriously WHY of ALL days today my web sites do NOT appear in Google

:):). Sharyn

Looks Like Wall Street is Listening to Sharyn Bovat. Good News Yahoo NOT Tampered with JUST Google. Google....I Want Back.... It's Time to Tell NISSAN to RESPECT the Taxpayer and the Whistleblower

GCI - Gannett Co., Inc. (NYSE)‎

13.75 -1.29‎ (-8.58%‎)
Apr 16 12:26pm ET - Disclaimer
Open: 15.00
High: 15.00
Low: 13.72

Volume: 4,503,925
Avg Vol: 3,380,000
Mkt Cap: 3.26B

Google Seach Engine is Having "Hic Ups" During Gannett Conference Call... I told the Head of the SEC

Attached Message
Subject: NISSAN Whistleblower Warns Wall Street Analyst that Google has beenTampered with .... Information about ****GANNETT*** Might NOT beAvailable
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2012 11:05:20 -0400 (EDT)
This is Sharyn Bovat....

It looks like the search engine Google has some hic ups.'
FYI- Last week I was contacted by a guy from BlackRock
YOU Need to ask Gannett a LOT of questions about WHY they do NOT cover certain stories.

Thank You
Sharyn Bovat

 It's NOT Fair to the Average 401 K Holder to do "games"  the Analyst deserve to have ALL the knowledge available to them.  Google is a FANTASTIC service to society and it can make the world better "if" people don't tamper with it.