Monday, March 5, 2012

I had heard at parties with NISSAN employees that the FAILED Nissan Leaf was "Haley Barbours ticket to the White House" ... The Guy the Promotes the Tea Party and Sarah Palin is a former War Profiteer....He's a Genius Too

Sal Russo has been friends with
Haley Barbour for GENERATIONS.

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> Sal russo is part of the jim demint Michelin group .... He worjed for reagan then He got lots of CIA communications contracts ...FYI
> Even though russo fights against rove and gillespie they still (in a way) play on the same team.
Barbour plays in both.>
> I told Tavares cars are a LOT less "twisted" and that I could easily "fit in"

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THIS is The Tennessean Ben Bradlee Winners Response to Me.

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You're right!

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FYI  Mark did NOT get the job at the Washington Times that Haley 
Barbour wanted him to have....
Rahm Emanuel wanted Barbour to be the nominee because "no matter how 
bad the economy President Obama could beat him"  the weird thing 
is the people in the "deep south" think Barbour could have won 
(these states are 48th & 50th in education ?)
Also a man that worked for Karl Rove for a over 10 years met with me 
and told me what the Republican Party was about he said Barbour was 
"old school".   Also I emailed Ed Gillespies office about Mark and the 
Washington Times deal... I wanted him to know Mark's character.
Mr. Gillespie was one of the people that talked Haley Barbour OUT 
of running for president.....  
I had heard at parties with NISSAN employees that the FAILED Nissan 
Leaf was "Haley Barbours ticket to the White House"
Until I talked to the Rove person last year I told Mark it made sense
and I "thought" Mr. Rove was most likely working with Haley Barbour 
ONLY to use him as a placecard so he'd control the money until 2016.
Basically "to save the spot for JEB in 2016"  
The fact is I like Jeb BUT America can't wait until 2016.  
Let's face it NOBODY 1-2 years ago ever thought that President 
Obama would be a "total" disaster.  
The "deal maker" was ALL Barbour... His people TERRORIZED me.  I had 
a NISSAN Titan Truck with Mississippi plates stalk me.  I even blogged
about it.  I was told that it's possible that some of the harasssment 
I received came from people that "used to work at the Mississippi 
Governor's Mansion"'s CREEPY.
The Barbour people did dirty deals with NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn in 
reference to the Canton Mississippi plant.  Some "credible" viewers 
of my blog said they wasted Hurricane Katrina money.   
I want that investigated.....  Until I get a job and can MOVE ON 
WITH MY LIFE I'm filing reports of ALL the harassment I received.
Someone tell Bruce Bateman in Franklin he might eventually have to 
actually "do something" and calling me back would be a start.
OMG!!!  In reference to President Obama I voted for him & I wanted 
the first black president to be a success.  
Now I want the 1st Morman president to be a success. 

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